Developed to meet a wide variety of sophisticated watering requirements, the easy-to-program Complete Control is available in a 21-station model that can be programmed with any number of stations using fresh or recycled water.  Maximum programming flexibility is provided by four independent programs, 16 total start times per fresh water program, and a 365-day calendar for odd/even day scheduling, in addition to water-recycling features found in an easy drop-down menu.


Sprayers emit a higher volume of water than drippers do and are often used for areas of ground cover or other dense plantings. They are also known as micro sprays & jets. Micro spray covers a category of spray caps, bases, one-piece, and adjustable sprayers and bubblers that are small and designed to operate with drip irrigation systems. They can be used for ground cover, flower beds, vegetable gardens and landscapes where you need to water a large area. Sprayer bases come in barbed and threaded connections and several come already installed as part of a 6″ inch stake assembly. Micro sprayers are available in full circle, half circle, quarter circle patterns.


Drip Emitters, Irrigation Drippers, Irrigation Emitters, Button Drippers & Flag Emitters.  Emitters distribute water droplets at a specified flow rate when used as part of a drip irrigation system and designed to water the root zones of plants. Emitters come in a variety sizes, styles, and flow rates. They have barbed or threaded bases. Barbed ends are either poked directly into 1/2″ drip tubing or inserted into the end of 1/4″ tubing. Threaded bases are screwed into micro tubing stakes and risers.