Benefits of Automatic Residential Irrigation in Ontario

In just a few hours, you can have a new residential irrigation system that allows you to save money on your water bills and increase plant growth. At Urban Lawn Sprinklers, we install only the best sprinkler & residential irrigation systems available. No more lugging your garden hose across your lawn to properly saturate your grass.

Rain Bird Home Irrigation Systems

A Rain Bird automatic sprinkler system will save you time, save your home water, and even save you money. You’ll rest assured knowing your lawn and your water bill are taken care of by Rain Bird’s quality system designed for optimal performance.

Make a Solid Investment for Your Home

A professionally installed, automatic residential irrigation system is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Why? It’s an easy, cost-effective way to increase the value and aesthetic of your home. Better yet, a properly installed automatic residential sprinkler system can even save you money on your water bill. The system uses less water than saturating your lawn by hand therefore reducing your water bill. Also, watering your lawn by hand can lead to oversaturation thus decreasing the life of your plants. With automatic residential irrigation and sprinkler systems, your plants get the right amount of water every time.

Stop spending all of your time watering the plants and spend more time doing your favourite activities. With years of experience, we are proud of the sprinkler and irrigation systems we have installed throughout the GTA, Ontario, and beyond. With a quick, simple, and affordable residential irrigation system, it’s never been easier to get your weekends back!

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